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ChaosMU Guide - Commands List

1. Clean PK:

/pkclear -> Price: Zen

2. Evolve (Quest):

/change or /evo -> Evolver your character Class

3. Events:

/stack -> Stack Rena to Auction
/bid -> Bid Rena during Auction

/infoquest -> Command to know what you have to do to farm WC on Quest System
/cp -> Use to win the 'Lighting Cupom' Event

/quiz -> Answer Quiz Event
/survivor -> Join Survivor Event
/tag -> Join Tag Event

4. Utils:

/clock -> Check Server Time 
/getcp -> Use it to get Freebies
/muinfo -> Information of Server

/clearbag -> Clean all your Inventory + Store + Expanded Invenvory
/openware -> Open ware in spot (VIP)
/ware 1-5 -> Change your ware to another one (VIP)

5. Offline LevelUP:

/offattack or /offlevel -> Use the Offlevel System (configuration of MuHelper will be used here)
(Some low maps the Offlevel does not work, only in mid/high maps)

6. Add Points:

/addstr xxx -> Adds points to strength.
/addagi xxx -> Adds points to agility.
/addene xxx -> Adds points to energy
/addvit xxx -> Adds points to vitality
/addcmd xxx -> Adds points to command

7. Request:

/request on --> Enable Request
/request off --> Disable Request
/request auto --> Active Auto Party

/request auto xxx --> Active Auto Party with Password
(If you set xxx = 12332 other people need to /party 12332)

8. Offline Store:

- Set the value in "ZEN"
- Type the Command: /store coin ; /store gp ; /store ruud

IMPORTANT: To offstore just open store and command to offstore (Example: /offstore)
IMPORTANT: Do not open your store with the OPEN button.Without command will sell things to Zen!

Posted13 / 08 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.