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ChaosMU Guide - Problems to Connect

Probably you have some issue in your computer.
Our Files are 100% protected and some antivirus/defender may cause some issue because they 'cant read them'.

Please, do this tutorial and try to open again.

- Disable Antivirus + Win Defender
- Extract again client full
- Download this runtime: https://muhelper.com/Tools/VisualStudio%20Framework.rar
- Open Launcher, Click on 'settings', add your AccountID and Save it
- Run the game 1-2-3 times to try to open

Remember, you have to do it EXACTLY as we say.
Your antivirus/defender probably deleted some files during download.
Thats why you need disable them BEFORE download again, and thats why you need download again.

If problem still, contact is via facebook page.

Posted13 / 08 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.